Mjolnir – The Hammer of THOR

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Mjolnir – The Hammer of THOR

What happens when you have a mass-produced plastic “toy” prop that looks ok in design but falls short in the appearance of the paint scheme? Here we have a Mjolir prop that is offered from a Chinese company called “Lager Toys” and was given an overhaul – completely refinishing the hammer head an pommel with a studio-quality metallic surface that mimics the look of polished nickel for a smooth, realistic metal-look finish.

What once had a very bland, dull silver plastic-looking finish, now has a brilliant, reflective and convincing looking metal appearance.

The process was finished off with layers of specialized antiquing methods and materials to accurately replicate the finish on the actual screen-used props seen in the film “THOR: The Dark World”.

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THOR - Mjolnir

THOR – Mjolnir

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