Terms of Service

  It is the responsibility of the client to read through and accept our Terms of Service prior to submitting an order form.



A. Clients are expected to ship to us all items required for assembly of your piece. This varies by project and should be discussed via email correspondence prior to sending anything to us. If items required to complete your kit or item are missing, arrived damaged or are in a condition that we deem unsatisfactory for quality service, the client will be responsible for rectifying the issue and/or we reserve the right to refuse our service and the client will be responsible for any costs related to returns or additional shipping.

B. By sending Artisan FX your item(s) for finishing services, you agree to pay in full the price quoted to you. Initial Quoted prices will include all online transaction fees and materials cost to complete your project. Return shipping charge, handling fees and insurance will be quoted and billed at the time of completion of your item(s). A standard 3.1% PayPal Payment fee will automatically be added to your bill at the time of invoice, as well as a flat-rate $3.00 handling fee. Clients are urged to ship to us their items in a box or packaging that can be reused to return the completed item. Insufficiently sized boxes for return will be replaced with an appropriate replacement and added to the shipping & handling quote. Clients will receive at least one weeks notice to settle outstanding payments owed and will be allowed up to two weeks for payment. Refer to line I. for additional information.

C. Service sales are final. No returns or refunds are accepted on custom finishing work. Client will be responsible for return shipping cost which will include materials, handing and online transaction fees.

Artisan FX is not responsible for any damage or mishandling of your package(s) once it has left our hands.

If in the event your item arrives damaged, Artisan FX should be notified immediately and we will work with you to resolve the issue either by returning for repair or filing an insurance claim with USPS. Please be aware of USPS Insurance Claim details found on their website:


If you choose to return your item(s) to us for repair, you will be responsible for all shipping and labor costs involved.

Any damage must be reported within 24 hours of verified receipt of the item (verified by delivery confirmation). Damage claim reported past the 24 hour time period would be considered sole responsibility of the buyer.

Items that require custom and/or above average shipping materials, such as fragile models, will be charged appropriately for any custom crates or additional packing foam required to safely transport your finished piece. These charges are determined on a case-by-case basis and will always be deemed critical to ensure safe transit.

D. As standard for hand-finished items, your completed items may have minor imperfections which are inherent in the finishing process. This is normal and will not detract from the end user needs of the item, such as display.

Artisan FX is not responsible for any design flaws or inaccuracies of the item(s) sent to us for finishing services. It is solely the responsibility of the buyer to determine if the product being acquired for us to finish meet their requirements.

E. Artisan FX: Props & Paintshop, LLC is not responsible for any damage from mishandling or inappropriate use of finished items we have returned to you. Prop helmets, weapons, armor and any other items should be treated as display pieces only.

F. Preferred method of payments made to Artisan FX will be through verified PayPal accounts. We will reject any payment sent other than for “Goods and Services” at the expense of the buyer. A small discount is available for buyers who may wish to send payment through the mail in the form of a Certified Money Order. As noted in section B, a 3.1% charge will be automatically added to your bill for payments made through PayPal.

Unless arranged alternatively with the client beforehand, all fees will be due upon completion of your item(s). In some cases, a 50% deposit will be required for items of higher service value and will be arranged beforehand with the client.

when your item is ready, we will email to you a Payment invoice via PayPal. If choosing an alternate method of payment, please email us at the time of receipt of your invoice.

G. Every item sent to us must have a new order form completely filled out and submitted. Order forms serve as our Master Record for our clients and their information. Any packages received by Artisan FX without a corresponding order form submitted through email will be summarily shelved until the sender completes the order form or sends any missing and/or required information.

H. Order Cancellation Policy: Any order that is requested to be cancelled after we have received your item but before we have begun work on it will be subject to a $15.00 cancellation fee plus return shipping cost (based on package size, weight and customer location*). Any order that is requested to be cancelled at any point during principal finishing procedures will be billed $25.00 per-hour of work completed, up until the point of cancellation, in addition to return shipping fees*.

For cancelled orders that are partially completed, the customer will be briefed on what work has been finished with photographic proof provided. Cancellation fees and hourly work rate charges are non-negotiable and returned items are non-refundable.

I. Non-Payment/Order Abandonment Policy: A maximum 2-week grace period is permitted to settle final payment for your completed project. A preferred payment period would be within 3 days of invoicing – if you, the customer, requires more time to settle payment (within the maximum payment period), we require immediate notification to keep us notified of your payment intentions.

We will submit up to 3 payment reminders via PayPal for any unpaid invoices within the two-week payment period time frame. The 3rd payment request will be the final notice and if unpaid within 24 hours of notification, you will be issued a formal Notice Of Forfeit* that declares your item to be the sole property of Artisan FX: Props & PaintShop, LLC.

Non-Payment customers will be flagged for any and all future orders and subject to a customer fee due upfront for any future order requested by said customer. This fee will be based on a 15% percentage of the quoted project price.

J. Notice Of Forfeit: By agreeing to our full Terms of Service, you agree to the following Notice Of Forfeit stipulation: If you, the customer, fail to settle payment for a completed job within the payment settlement period, we, Artisan FX: Props & PaintShop, LLC, will claim sole ownership of the completed item, without any obligation to return the item or repay the client in any capacity. A Notice Of Forfeit will be issued only as a last-resort and we will try and communicate with the customer on a case-by-case basis to resolve any payment issues before taking possession of your item(s). At the time of notice, the customer will have no legal say or influence on what our shop chooses to do with the unpaid item.