About Us

Artisan FX began with just a hobby – finishing off traditional models and “garage kits” in spare time for myself and for a fellow collector whenever I could.

I realized that I could achieve more in experience and income by taking my passion more full time and ArtisanFX: Props & Paintshop was born.

Servicing the individual collector and industry professionals alike, ArtisanFX provides true Artisan quality finishing services for any range of customer-provided models and props, from factory-made styrene model kits to independently produced resin kits, we’ve handled just about everything and look forward to growing our portfolio by taking on more unique and exciting projects!

Comfortably situated in Pennsylvania, our business is a hands-on, family run operation. Whenever we subcontract additional team players, it’s always from our growing pool of valued friends and contacts within the prop replica and collectibles hobby who share our passion and appreciation for quality.

Please contact us anytime to discuss your needs as a collector or business and we’ll be excited to discuss what we can provide to you!

Jimmy Cosentino
Creative Director, Lead Artisan

Left to right: Jimmy, Michael and Nicholas Cosentino